The studio

Silu is an interior design and brand identity studio based in London and Zurich. We have a passion for creating and renewing all things beautiful. With our skills in interior and graphic design silu can be your partner for a complete design service. 

We believe that good design comes from a mixture of passion and excitement. We are excited to hear everything about you and your project.


About silu

Founder and designer Sina Luck has been working in the design world for over thirteen years. She has a variety of experience working with different clients in the creative industry. Sina had a successful early career as a graphic designer and art director working in advertising and branding. She then went on to running her own business in Zurich and more recently in London where she has been working as an interior designer.

Her experience includes different aspects of design in interiors and branding for both residential and commercial clients. As a flexible and innovative designer her approach to every project is a personal service perfectly tailored to the clients needs, timeframe and budget.

With her personal curiosity for all things lovely she strives to make her life as beautiful as she can. So when she is not working, she is flower arranging, decorating her flat in South London, buying more stationery than she needs, and hoarding a variety of cushions and decorations for a spontaneous revamp of her home.

If you’re interested in working with Silu to help you bring your home or business to life, tell your brand story or just to say hello, please contact us at